reforestation criteria

Robert G. Weinberger hr161 at cleveland.Freenet.Edu
Sat Dec 2 01:00:28 EST 1995

serji cajide wrote in a previous article:
SC>         Which local actions you have adopted or would adopted to 
SC> reduce forestal fire?Technical description of envorimental 
SC> protegees, financing,social support,case estudies of innovatives 
SC> municipal practices, enviromental issues,.......

The real answer is not to reduce or eliminate forest fires, 
but to reduce their impact and to prevent catastrophic stand 
replacement fires.  The key to that is to maintain fuel 
loads at manageable levels through: 
1. Proper stocking control - Carry tree density levels at no 
more than about 40-50% of "full" stocking (measured from either 
"normal" Stand Density Index or "Maximum" Basal Area) through 
relatively frequent light entries.
2. Prevent the creation of "fuel ladders" by pruning, and 
other actions that break the chain of continuous fuel from 
near ground level to the top of the stand.
3. Control fine fuels through judicious use of grazing.
4. Harvest most dead and dying trees frequently.  (But be sure 
to leave some for wildlife eg. cavity nesters)
5. Allow "naturally" occuring fires that are burning during 
"safe" conditions, ie. during periods of high moisture and low 
winds to consume excess fuel.  Ecologically most forests 
evolved under some sort of fire regime and are adapted to fire. 

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