Agri Cons'tcy needed.

S. L. Sharma 76040.2301 at CompuServe.COM
Sat Dec 2 03:21:46 EST 1995

We are a Indian owned Middle East based organisation with primary 
interests in Construction, Engineering and Trading sectors.

As part of our diversification plans, we have identified 
high yield agricultre and forestry crop production in India as 
our preferred investment areas. A portfolio of U.S. $. 3,000,000 
has been created for this venture and certain lands have already 
been selected. Additional capital and lands can be mobilised at 
the appropriate time.

In order to maximise our profits, it is our intention to acquire 
such techniques that will multiply several fold the conventional 
yields for vegetables, fruits and selected grain produce and 
plants used industrial use. This may be achieved by means of 
hybrid seeds, advanced farming practices and or new types of 
equipments, genetic engineering, enriched diet formulae etc.

Concurrently, we are also interested in agricultural techniques 
for arid, sandy and marshy terrains such as those adopted in the 
state of Israel.

If any company specialises in these areas of expertise, then we 
will be pleased to hear from you alongwith the basis on which we 
can co-operate together.

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