Squirrel Control in UK Native Broadleaved Environment?

Steve Jennings stevej at nodeknot.demon.co.uk
Sun Dec 3 08:31:43 EST 1995

Bit of a long shot this one but I would be interested to hear from anyone who
has some radical or less well known methods of squirrel control?

I'd be particularly interested in anyone who has found an effective (and safe)
way of  poisoning; or from anyone who has discovered a good shooting strategy.
e.g Particular times of year? Particular individuals?

I work on a UK national Trust site at Cliveden (Berkshire) and the considerable
grey squirrel population is hampering the re-establishment of beech woodland.

We have considered thinning strategies as a means of making areas less
attractive to squirrels but we have no firm evidence on the best way to go or
to what extent.

I suspect this is a problem with no solution but any support and advice would
be appreciated.


Posted on behalf of John Applegarth, Woodman, Cliveden Estate. 
I will monitor this newsgroup for a while but I would prefer replies via e-mail
which I will then snail mail to John.


Steve Jennings - Many an argument is sound...Merely sound

stevej at nodeknot.demon.co.uk

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