1995 USDA White Paper on Industrial Hemp

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Industrial Hemp and other Alternative Crops for small-scale 
Tobacco Producers
BY  USDA Agricultural Research Service and
    Economic Research Service for
    Karl Stauber, Under Secretary for Research, Education, and

Published by USDA in the Summer of 1995.

   Background: In North Carolina, Kentucky and other tobacco producing 
States, there has been an increasing interest in alternative crops.  
Tobacco producers are interested in diversification because of 
Questions about the future of that crop.  In 1986 and again in 1994,  
burley tobacco production quotas were cut.  In the 1970¹s, the United 
States accounted for 16-17 percent of world tobacco production and 
20-21 percent of world tobacco exports.  By the 1990¹s, the US share 
of world tobacco production had declined to 9-10 percent and the US 
share of world exports dropped to 12-13 percent.  Health concerns and 
rising retail tobacco costs have led to a decline in American per 
capita cigarette consumption from 7 pounds of tobacco in the 1970¹s 
to 4.5 pounds in the 1990¹s.

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