Could biomass import be sustainable ?

Evan DeLucia delucia at
Mon Dec 11 09:38:57 EST 1995

A.J.Balkema at (A.J.Balkema) wrote:
> I have a question. Imagine that an industrialized country
> would import biomass from a developing country. And that it
> would do this for reducing its CO2 emissions from power
> generation, hence for the sake of sustainble development.
> Would this be sustainable, and in which instances would it
> or wouldn't it ?
> I am very interested to hear your opinion on this,
> Frank van der Vleuten
> energy consultant

Interesting idea.  One problem though- Unless the biomass was stored
in a way that it did not decompose, and hence release its carbon
back to the atmosphere via respiration, this import would have no net
effect on atmospheric CO2.  

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