Logging damage, Sweden Greece

Joseph Zorzin redoak at msn.com
Wed Dec 13 15:22:32 EST 1995

>>>Is anyone willing to exchange ideas with me?<<<


I'm a consulting forester in Massachusetts, U.S.A and have been so 
for 20 years.  I've managed many timber sales.  Although I'm a 
forester, I'm also a preservationist at heart so I like to see a nice 

Unfortunately, log skidders are monsters of destructiveness, unless 
used by very concerned and talented loggers.  A bulldozer does a 
better job, but slower and more costly.  The best job is done by 
horses, but more costly yet.

The amount of damage is also a function of the type of forest and 
terrain.  I'm almost never trully satisfied but I make an effort to 
have the job come out as well as possible.

If you care to reply, you could do so in this newsgroup, but I check 
my person EMAIL more frequently, both my MSN account (redoak.MSN.COM) 
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