Tree Augers

Al Stangenberger forags at smokey.Berkeley.EDU
Wed Dec 13 00:04:10 EST 1995

Brian Donati (brian at wrote:
: I'm looking to purchase a Tree Auger, the last one I purchased came
: from Carolina Biological Supply Co.  They no longer carry them in
: their product line.  Anyone have a Company name and address and/or
: phone number ? Any help would be appreciated.

Two of the major suppliers:

Forestry Suppliers, Inc
205 W. Rankin St.
Jackson, MS 39201
(800) 647-5368
(800) 360-7788 to request catalogs.

Ben Meadows Co.
Atlanta, GA
(800) 241-6401
e-mail:  mail at

(no endorsement or anything like that implied!)

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