VIPS Wind storm damage to poplars

Robert G. Weinberger hr161 at cleveland.Freenet.Edu
Sat Dec 16 23:27:29 EST 1995

Frank Telewski asked :SW> Has anyone received any information on damage to the poplar
SW> plantations in eastern Washington, especially along the
SW> Columbia River with the recent 100+ MPH winds?
SW> I would be interested to know what type of damage may have
SW> occured.                                                       
I haven't heard of any significant damage.  The plantations along the
Columbia and Snake in Eastern Washington & Oregon (both BCC &
Potlatch) for the most part caught only the edge or none of the storm.
In any case the trees under drip irrigation in the Columbia 
Basin are well adapted to high winds.  Any time the wind eases up in
that part of the world, the clinics in Hermiston, Pasco, Kennewick &
Richlandfill up with people who fell over on their face when the wind
Bob Weinberger
BCC - La Grande, OR

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