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Fri Feb 3 15:28:03 EST 1995

Jennifer Kupp <jkupp at> wrote:
>i am interested in starting up a new newsgroup for those of us foresters 
>not nec. interested in agro...

In addition to the Finnish forest email list there is a Canadian email 
list on Forest Management decision support systems (see below).

There is not a general forestry newsgroup, and perhaps it is time to 
consider the idea.  The forestry email lists have the disadvantage of 
adding to your inbox, and relatively low subscription and traffic volumes 
(arguably an advantage for an email list) which means that there is not 
a lot of in depth discussion.

Creating a newsgroup would probably attract more people and more 
discussion, but has the disadvantages of:

1.  Being a hassle to set up (takes time, requires a vote),
2.  Having more, less focused traffic.

If anyone should decide to champion a sci.forest newsgroup for 
example, you should read the information on setting up new groups on in the 

/pub/usenet-by-group/news.announce/new_users and

directories.  If you do, I'll vote for it and sign up.

Forest Management DSS
    Contact: listserv at (Tom Moore)

    Purpose: The discussion group is a forum for rapid exchange
    of information, ideas, and opinions related to the topics of
    decision support systems and information systems for forest
    management planning.  Also welcome are announcements of meetings,
    calls for papers, calls for proposals, help wanted, employment
    wanted, resumes, book reviews, and copies of papers or speeches.

    Although this is being sponsored as part of a Canadian research
    program, participation from the international community is welcome.
    Please pass this information on to your colleagues.

    To subscribe to the list send email to 
	listserv at
    with the message:

Scott Bergen
Forest Engineering Department
University of Washington
Seattle, WA 98195
(206) 685-2091
(206) 685-3091 fax
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