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Livinus Emebiri lce652 at ANU.EDU.AU
Thu Feb 2 21:32:57 EST 1995

>lce652 at ANU.EDU.AU wrote:
>> >i am interested in starting up a new newsgroup for those of us foresters
>> >not nec. interested in agro...
>> >anyone else out there?
>> >i am a for. grad student at the U. of new hampshire
>> >i have no idea how to go about this.
>> >
>> >--
>> >Deep Thoughts, by Jack Handy
>> There is a news group devoted to "plain old forestry" in existence, so why
>> not join them? Below is reproduced some info about the group:
>I think I would be good to have a "real" forestry forum on USENET,
>not just the mailing list.
>Anyway, I would like to suggest that, besides voting on the new
>plain-forestry group, we present ourselves.

Before we go further on this issue, can someone, please, explain what the
difference is between a mailing list and a news group? They all seem the
same to me, and serve the same purpose, so what difference does it make,
whether a mailing list or a newsgroup? The level of discussion on the list
forest at is plain old forestry, high-level and wide-ranging.
What would be the advantage of a "real" forestry forum on USENET?

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