Proper season to fell timber?

Shawn W Miller swm5 at
Sat Feb 4 19:59:34 EST 1995

	I am currently doing research on Brazil's colonial timber economy
and occasionally come across sources which make suggestions as to when
timber should and should not be felled in order to ensure the lumber's 
quality.  One claims it should not occur in any month without an "R" in it,
namely May, June, July and August, Brazil's winter.  Others suggest a tree
should never be cut when its in flower or when their is heavy sap flow, and
yet others that they should be cut only during certain phases of the moon 
(although this may refer to the tides for shipping them).  
	Is this all 
superstitious focklore derived from poor observation, or do modern forestry
techniques and science concur in any way.  Is there a preferred season for
cutting timber in either temperate or tropical forests, and if so, when
and why?

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated, to the group or e-mail.

Shawn W. Miller

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