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>>I am a young researcher in the field of obtaining the energy from biomass. I
want to know if there is somebody who can give me some
addresses of FTP sites where I can find out more informations about it. Also
I want to find out titles of magazines with articles in this field
and, if is possible,some e-mail addresses of other people working in this
field.   Thank you in advance!

In November we started a Bioenergy mailing list for industry, academia and
government to discuss the conversion of biomass to energy. We have some
industry, local, regional and national departments of energy and  many of the
principal research organizations already online.  Current discussion have
been on conversion of grasses to electricity, pilot scale gasifiers, fuel
blends in industrial plants, alkali in fuels, models for bioenergy
industries, energy in developing countries. etc. Our participants also manage
BIN, the Biofuels Information Network WWW, gopher and FTP and EREN, NREL etc.

The list is hosted by Solstice at CREST,  Center for Renewable Energy
Technologies. CREST also is developing WWW, gopher and FTP sites for biomass.
The list is also carrid on two regional energy BBSs, Energy Information
Clearinghouse (EICBBS) in Washington and Energy & Regulatory Matters
Information Service (ERMIS BBS) in Michigan, serving the Great Lakes region.

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