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Wed Feb 8 07:00:52 EST 1995

On 2 Feb 1995 08:28:17 -0400, 
Ken Mayhew  <kmayhew at> wrote:

>I would also like to see a Forestry news group with some focus on private 
>land/small woodlot issues. However anything dealing specifically with 
>other forestry issues would also be of use.
I agree.  Right now I have a specific query.  

I am the proud owner of a swamp in Cape Breton.  In it grows a mixed 
variety of trees: spruce, juniper, birch (white & yellow), maple and alders.

In 1977 I cleaned out most of the alders, removed all the dead wood and 
obviously sick trees, etc.  The healthy birch trees which were left have 
mostly died and some of the spruce have dead tops.  Again I'm in the 
process of removing dead and sick trees.

The wood is used for heating so it is not wasted.

Any suggestions on how to turn this into a healthy wood stand??


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