Black Spruce Plantations

KULL S j5wd at
Thu Feb 9 12:33:36 EST 1995

Hi Folks:
     I'm a forest resources student at the University of New Brunswick,
and I have been given a problem to solve involving the effects of certain
forestry interventions with respect to mechantable timber volume for a 
black spruce plantation, over time.  These interventions include 
fertilization with 1200Kg NPK, 3X3 meter spacing for planted seedlings,
drip irrigation for the  first four years after planting and cutting the
tree tops off a eight meters at age 20.  I have been able to uncover lots
of theory in relation to these interventions but no concrete figures from
actual studies.  It would be immensely appreciated if any of you folks 
could reccommend some literature or post some of these figures with a 
                             Thank-you Very Much For Your Assistance

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