request-databases regarding fires in U.S. forests

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Wed Feb 8 21:23:35 EST 1995

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> I'm doing a project on "What position should the U.S. government take 
> regarding forest fires that are started as an act of God?  Should we 
> try to put them out or let them burn?  Why?"  At this point I'm looking 
> for databases with information concerning the policies of different 
> National Forests and Parks on fires in their areas.  Any information that
> you could pass on to me would be of great help.  Thanks.
 My Aero design class is working on a project to build a forest fire detection
and tracking satellite. If any information on forest fires could be passed
on to me also I would greatly appreciate it.
Thanks in advance,
Jeff Norr
j-norr at

Jeff Norr
j-norr at

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