Investment Ideas

Steve Mitten s-steten at
Fri Feb 10 21:36:55 EST 1995

I am very interested in getting ideas for timber based agroforestry
projects suitable for tropical or temperate climates.  Preferably, I would
like to start with a quick rotation, high value hardwood.  I have looked into
the economics of growing plantation teak and found them interesting.
Any other ideas out there?
My goal is to find a project that is good for the environmental and social
needs of the host country, and yet has a high enough rate of return to
attract institutional investors.  Currently I would need a real IRR of 15%.
I am currently developing some temperate forests in Chile.  However, if
I could find a good tropical project, I would like to start pushing it.
I think that, given time, a lot of funds could be put into these projects.
That would see a lot of trees planted in countries that badly need them.

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