Urea Fertilizer

p31y at unb.ca p31y at unb.ca
Sat Feb 11 10:37:03 EST 1995

	Urea Fertilizer:
	I am presently looking for the effect of applying UREA fertilizer to a 
plantation of 1+0 black spruce ( or any other related spieces ).  The relavent 
information that would be appreciated is 
	1) The effect on volume yield (i.e. after 5 yrs, 10yrs and so on )
	2) THe amount of fertilizer that should be applied per hectare and means of 
	3) The effect on the plants if 650 kg/ha is applied; would this be a lethal 
amount on a sandy soil type.

	Any imformation or response would be much appreciated

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