The effects of clearcutting on the local environment

JMH2001 jmh2001 at
Mon Feb 13 22:27:24 EST 1995

Hey Jenny,
I'm going to clearcut about 34 acres of my 38 acre place in North
Carolina. I'm right on the city limits of a small town.   I'll be leaving
a 200' x 1000' strip along my road frontage.  Reducing visual impact. 
Probably for the public the most distressing byproduct of clearcut or for
that matter any logging is the slash that remains.  It is quite ugly. 
The place is primarily mixed age southern swamp forest hardwoods (white
oaks (post and white), red oaks (water) and sweet gum.  However, dominant
tree is loblolly pine.  Will cut 63.5 MBF sawlogs, 20.7 chip n saw, and
150 cords pulpwood.  
Working with forester.  Will allow one complete growing season to judge
the effect of natural seeding. 

Temporarily disoriented in Texas,
Jim Hamrick
$ = :)  taxes = :( ;   

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