wanted:info on black/honey locust and Albizia julibrissen

Benjamin J Addlestone addlesto at unity.ncsu.edu
Tue Feb 14 12:40:20 EST 1995

I'm doing research on the possibilities of planting Robinia pseudoacacia, 
Gleditsia triancanthos and Albizia julibrissen in North Carolina as a 
fodder/protein bank for goats. The idea is that the trees will be 
directly grazed upon and will suppliment the goats diet while reducing 
the cost of expensive nutrient suppliments and concentrates. Any 
information regarding the establishment of these species ie: density etc. 
would be appreciated. Also I am concerned w/ the toxicity of R. 
pseudoacacia leaves.  Any information would be greatly appreciated and 
can be sent to: addlesto at unity.ncsu.edu

If anyone knows of any work being done or that has been done on this 
topic, that would also be of interest.


ben addlestone
ncsu dept. of forestry

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