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Land and Resource Economics Electronic Conference
Journal TOCs for January 1994
Journal issues in this installment:

      The annals of regional science 28(3) 1994.
      Journal of economic issues 28(4) Dec. 1994.
      Journal of rural studies 10(3) July 1994.
      Eastern economic journal 20(4) Fall 1994.
      Canadian journal of earth sciences 31(11) Nov. 1994.
      Canadian journal of forest research 24(10) Oct. 1994.

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The annals of regional science 28(3) 1994.

Beckman, M.J., On Knowledge networks in science: collaboration
among equals.
Johansson, B., Westin, L., Affinities and frictions of
trade networks.
Nagurney, A., Dupuis, P., Zhang, D., A dynamical systems approach
for network oligopolies and variational inequalities.
Zhang, W.-B., Knowledge, growth and patterns of trade.
Takayama, T., Thirty years with spatial and intertemporal

Journal of economic issues 28(4) Dec. 1994.

Atkinson, Glen, Oleson, Ted, Europe 1992: From Customs
      Union to Economic Community.
Dowd, Douglas F., Against Decadence: The Work of Robert
      A. Brady (1901-63).
Chasse, J. Dennis, The American Association for Labor
      Legislation and the Institutionalist Tradition
      in National Health Insurance.
Baker, Dean, Weisbrot, Mark, The Logic of Contested Exchange.
Foss, Nicolai Juul, The Biological Analogy and the Theory of the
Firm: Marshall and Monopolistic Competition.
Bazzoli, Laure, Kirat, Thierry, Villeval, Marie-Claire,
      Rules, Contract, and Institution in the Wage-Labor
      Relationship: A Return to Institutionalism?
Shabman, Leonard, Stephenson, Kurt, A Critique of the
      Self-Interested Voter Model: The Case of a Local
      Single Issue Referendum.
Solo, Robert A., Kenneth Ewart Boulding: 1910-1993. An
Dopfer, Kurt, Kenneth Boulding: A Founder of Evolutionary
Wray, L. Randell, Kenneth Boulding's Grants Economics.
Samuels, Warren J., On "Shrinking" and "Business Sabotage":
      A Note.
Alexander, Robert J., Peter Peterson and the Use of the
      Budget deficit as a Red Herring.
Hamilton, David, TEP Plus Fifty.
Canterbery, E. Ray, Boulding's T, Kaleckian Power, and
      Minsky's Fragility Hypothesis.

Journal of economic issues 28(4) Dec. 1994.

Pfeffer, M. J., Lapping, M. B., Farmland preservation,
      development rights and the theory of the growth
      machine: the views of planners.
Knight, J., Town-making in rural Japan: an example from Wakayama.
Naylor, E. L., Unionism, peasant protest and the reform of
      French agriculture.
Cherrill, A., A comparison of three landscape classifications
      and investigation of the potential for using remotely
      sensed land cover data for landscape classification.
Wu, Y., Technical efficiency and its potential sources: a
      case study of Chinese rural Textile firms.
MacGregor, B. D., Stockdale, A., Land use change on
      Scottish Highland estates.

Journal of rural studies 10(3) July 1994.

Clower, Robert W., The Effective Demand Fraud.
Ferguson, William D., Union Bargaining Power in an
      Efficiency Wage Environment.
Pernecky, Mark, A Flexible-Wage Efficiency-Wage
      Model with Involuntary Unemployment.
Goldsmith, Arthur H., Anderson, Michael A., Economic
      and Psychological Theories of Forecast Bias and
      Learning: Evidence from U.S. Business Manager's
Yandle, Bruce, Baker, Rachel, Financial Markets and
      the AT&T Antitrust Settlement.
Whitehead, John C., Stanton, Timothy J., Special
      Interests and Comparative State Policy: An Analysis
      of Environmental quality Expenditures.
Alse, Janardhanan, Bahmani-Oskooee, Mohsen, Short-run
      versus Long-run Effects of Devaluation: Error-Correction
      Modeling and Cointegration.
Northrop, Emily, A Contrast of Black and White
      Feminization of Poverty.
Smyth, David J., How Not to Get Your Article Published.
Geithman, David T., A Note on Teaching the
      Aggregate-Supply/Aggregate-Demand Model.

McCloskey, Donald N., "To Burn Always with a Hard,
      Gemlike Flame," Eh, Professor?

Canadian journal of earth sciences 31(11) Nov. 1994.

Gilbert, Robert, The Quaternary of the Great Lakes:
Rea, David K., Moore, Jr. Theodore C., Dobson, David M.,
      Stratigraphy and paleolimnologic record of lower
      Holocene sediments in northern Lake Huron and
      Georgian Bay.
Moore, Jr. Theodore C., Rea, David K., Dobson, David M.,
      Seismic stratigraphy of Lake Huron - Georgian Bay
      and post-glacial lake level history.
Coakley, John P., Karrow, Paul F., Reconstruction of
      post-Iroquois shoreline evolution in western Lake Ontario.
Gilbert, Robert, Shae, John, Inferred subglacial meltwater
      origin of lakes on the southern border of the
      Canadian Shield.
Phillips, Brian A. M., Fralick, Philip W., A post-Lake
      Minong transgressive event on the north shore of
      Lake Superior, Ontario: possible evidence of Lake
      Agassiz inflow.
Kontak, D. J., Reynolds, P. H., 40Ar/39Ar dating of
      metamorphic and igneous rocks of the Liscomb Complex,
      Meguma Terrane, southern Nova Scotia, Canada.
Wu, Jianjun, Milkereit, Bernd, Boerner, David, Timing
      constraints on deformation history of the Sudbury
      Impact Structure.
Godfrey, Stephen J., Currie, Philip J., A xiphisternal
      from the Dinosaur Park Formation (Campanian, Upper
      Cretaceous) of Alberta, Canada.
Walossek, Dieter, Repetski, John E., Muller, Klaus J.,
      An Exceptionally preserved parasitic arthropod,
      Heymonsicambria taylori n.sp. (Arthropoda incertae
      sedis: Pentastomida), from Cambrian - Ordovician
      boundary beds of Nesfoundland, Canada.
Kubli, Thomas E., Simony, Philip S., The Dogtooth Duplex,
      a model for the structural development of the northern
      Purcell Mountains.
Zhang, Guowei, Hynes, Andrew, Fabrics and kinematic
      indicators associated with the local structures
      along Finlay -- Ingenika fault, McConnell Creek
      area, north-central British Columbia.
Umhoefer, Paul J., Rusmore, Margaret E., Woodsworth, G. J.,
      Contrasting tectono-stratigraphy and structure in the
      Coast Belt near Chilko Lake, British Columbia: unrelated
      terrances or an arc -- back-arc transect?
Martignole, J., Pouget, P., A two-stage emplacement for
      the Cabonga allochthon (central part of the Grenville
      Province): evidence for orthogonal and oblique
      collision during the Grenville orogeny.

Canadian journal of forest research 24(10) Oct. 1994.

Stewart, Glenn H., Burrows, Larry E., Coarse woody
      debris in old-growth temperate beech (Nothofagus)
      forests of New Zealand.
McKenney, Daniel W., Lindenmayer, David B., An economic
      assessment of a nest-box strategy for the
      conservation of an endangered species.
Remphrey, W.R., Davidson, C.G., Shoot and leaf
      growth in Fraxinus pennsylvanica and its
      relation to crown location and pruning.
Aronen, Juija, Haggman, Hely, Hohtola, Anja, Transient
      beta-glucuronidase expression in Scots pine
      tissues derived from mature trees.
Parker, Albert J., Parker, Kathleen C., Structural
      variability of mature lodgepole pine stands on
      gently sloping terrain in Taylor Park Basin, Colorado.
Grosskopf, E., Wegener-Strake, A., Ernst, D., Ozone-
      induced metabolic changes in Scots pine: mRNA
      isolation and analysis of in vitro translated
Schwab, Francis E., Sinclair, A.R.E., Biodiversity of
      diurnal breeding bird communities related to
      succession in the dry Douglas-fir forests of
      southeastern British Columbia.
Kreutzweiser, David P., Capell, Scott S., Thomas,
      David R., Aquatic insect responses to Bacillus
      thuringiensis var. kurstaki in a forest stream.
Easter, M.J., Spies, T.A., Using hemispherical
      photography for estimating photosynthetic photon
      flux density under canopies and in gaps in
      Douglas-fir forests of the Pacific Northwest.
Shin, Dong-Ill, Podila, Gopi K., Karnosky, David F.,
      Transgenic larch expressing genes for herbicide
      and insect resistance.
LeMay, Valerie M., Tait, David E., van der Kamp,
      Bart J., Classification of cedar, aspen, and
      true fir trees as decayed versus sound.
Law, Kwei-Nam, Valade, Jacques L., Status of the
      utilization of jack pine (Pinus banksiana) in
      the pulp and paper industry.
Hamelin, Richard C., Ferriss, Richard S., Thielges,
      Bart A., Prediction of poplar leaf rust epidemics
      from a leaf-disk assay.
Reynolds, K.M., Holsten, E.H., Relative importance
      of risk factors for spruce beetle outbreaks.
Kelsey, Rick G., Ethanol synthesis in Douglas-fir
      logs felled in November, January, and March
      and its relationship to ambrosia beetle attack.
Koenig, Walter D., Knops, Johannes M.H., Mumme, Ronald L.,
      Estimating acorn crops using visual surveys.
Stoehr, Michael U., Webber, Joe E., Painter, Roger A.,
      Pollen contamination effects on progeny from an
      off-site Douglas-fir seed orchard.
Ellsworth, David S., Liu, Xuan, Photosynthesis and canopy
      nutrition of four sugar maple forests on acid
      soils in northern Vermont.
Lin, Tsan-Piao, Lee, Tzen-Yu, Yang, Jenq-Chuan, Comparison
      of the allozyme diversity in several populations of
      Chamaecyparis formosensis and Chamaecyparis taiwanensis.
Raich, J.W., Riley, R.H., Vitousek, P.M., Use of root-
      ingrowth cores to assess nutrient limitations in
      forest ecosystems.

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