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Hi all;

> >>The forest industry is trying to say that by leaving a visual barrier of
> >>trees that the problem has been fixed.   Out of sight out of mind is the
> >>business ethic of the day.
> >>
> >>cheers ....jim
> >
> >A visual barrier is a rather shallow understanding of aesthetics.
> yes it is........jim

Jim, Jim, Jim.  Mud slinging doesn't become you.

You have apparently never bothered to seriously review any logging
plans in areas with moderate to high visual quality objectives, or
you would know that there are several other ways in which the planners
attempt to ameliorate the impact of harvesting.

Foresters are certainly not interested in hiding their harvesting
from the public eye; rather they are interested in whatever techniques
are necessary to ensure that the impact of visual quality objectives
on the operable forest land base is minimized, including shaping
harvest patterns to follow landforms, matching existing natural
opening patterns, and selective logging.

Regulations in BC are geared to limiting the amount of visible
disturbance in such a way that long-term harvesting is not eliminated,
but rather reduced.

The rationale behind visual quality objectives is not just to
provide an apparently pristine landscape for tourists but also
to maintain viewscapes for local residents and long-term users
of specific areas.

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C'est ma facon de parler.

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