cutting quota?

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Mon Feb 20 14:15:35 EST 1995

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beauche at ERE.UMontreal.CA says...
>        I am a Forest Ecology student and I am wondering if anyone has 
>either an answer or a place I could find my answer. I would need 
>information on what percentage of the forest is allowed to be cut. It 
>could be for a state (Oregon, Washington) or a province in Canada 
>(British Colombia, Quebec). Is it under state or Country jurisdiction?
>        Thank's, any kind of info is welcomed...
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The answer to your question is loaded with variables. How much can be cut 
depends upon the forest ownership (such as federal, state, local, private
industry, NIPF, etc) and their respective objectives which are often 
constrained by laws, rules, regulations, economics, forest output goals,
and etc.

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