Deer Mouse (Peromyscus maniculatus)

KULL S j5wd at
Tue Feb 21 11:48:50 EST 1995

Hi There:
     I am a forest resources student at the University of New Brunswick and 
I am researching the effects of forest harvesting on deer mice (Peromyscus 
maniculatus) (i.e. I am looking for info (numerical data/graphs, etc.) on 
how populations will change from the point of clearcut to stand maturity).  
In my case, my site will be about as clear as a farmers field after 
harvest (no slash/debris).  Also, I have heard that many of the new viruses 
and diseases showing up in society (Hanta, Ebola) are carried by such 
rodents.  When deforestation occurs, these rodents come into contact with 
humans and the diseases are spread.  So, if you can recommend any deer 
mouse studies or studies about the origins and carriers of the viruses 
mentioned, please post it to this news group or e-mail me at J5WD at UNB.CA..
Thanks a lot!

Stephen Kull, Department of Forest Resources And Environmental Management
University of New Brunswick

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