shifting cultivation and improved fallows

Kron Aken Kron.Aken at
Tue Feb 21 22:38:43 EST 1995

Alas! I found somebody on the Net interested in improved fallows in shifting
cultivation. My interest in this subject is because I have (but not now), my
parents are, and my foreparents have been practising shifting cultivation in
Sarawak, Malaysia. My colleagues in Malaysia are interested in this topic
and require simple methodology on how to quantify the differences in the
improved fallow vs unimproved fallow. While scientists would compare
nutrient status, biomass, organic matter content between improved and
unimproved fallow, the farmer's main yard stick is yield of crop (rice) per
a given area'.

Funding for this sort of project need to be long term: at least 10 years.

Kron Aken

>I'm interested in corresponding with anyone working on improved fallows 
>in shifting cultivation.  I have been working with NFT in shifting 
>cultivation since 1976 and thought the Net might be a good place to look 
>for others with similar interests.
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