Tulip-Poplar Pollen Sources

Erica J Simel ejsimel at SACAM.OREN.ORTN.EDU
Wed Feb 22 11:28:51 EST 1995


I am working on a project which involves studying DNA that has been 
isolated from pollen.  The two species that I would like to collect 
from this spring are Pinus ponderosa and Liriodendron tulipifera/Ponderosa 
Pine and Tulip-Poplar.  

Although I have sources for Ponderosa Pine, I need pollen sources for 
Tulip-poplar.  I need the elevation and latitude for each tree to 
be collected.  If the trees are in a nursery or cultivated setting, I need the 
elevation and latitude for the seed source.  If they are spontaneous, 
there needs to be at least five trees in one location.

Basicly I need tulip-poplar sources of known latitude and elevation, and my 
ability to travel for collecting is not limited.  If anyone knows of 
areas that fit the description above please e-mail me and I can send a fax or 
snail-mail address if requested.

Thank you,


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