urban-agroforest cooperation

J.B.Harrington jbharr at gladstone.uoregon.edu
Sat Feb 25 08:45:20 EST 1995

On 24 Feb 1995, Livinus Emebiri wrote:

> >1. Agroforestry, combining agriculture and forestry, is probably a major
> >building block in the future of both fields.  However, we are dealing with
> >two fields
> >From the Forests of North Dakota
> >Bob Underwood, Urban Forestry, NDSU-Bottineau
> I dont think we are dealing with two fields. I rather think that urban
> forestry is only an aspect of agroforestry, and not a distinct field of its
> own. Plantation forestry is distinct in that only the trees are of
> immediate concern to the forester, while in agroforestry, the concern is
> not just managing the trees but also the grasses, lawn, ornamentals, crops,
> animals, etc that form part of the ecosystem in such a manner as to sustain
> productivity. Productivity could be the yield of grains, tubers, timber, or
> as in the case of urban forestry, the aesthetic appeal of the park.
> Does anyone disagree?

I have been waiting for someone to discuss something other than
plantation tree harvesting.
All trees exist in some ecosystem, whether that be one which is natural, 
or constructed.
All of these forestry systems are connected in 
that we, as designers, stewards, and harvesters of these systems
are responsible for ensuring that they are cared for in a sustainable manner.
ie that natural processes and interrelationships are used as guides and 
examples to be mimicked and learned from.

I say let the discussion begin.
Seems like a parks could provide alot more than just aesthetic appeal.
I like asian pears

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