Please help....Science project on forest fires...

NYLM nylm at
Fri Feb 24 22:50:50 EST 1995

We are new to America on Line.  We are in need of ANY information on the
effects that forest fires have on our U.S. forests and wildlife.  Things
like names of certain pine cones that only drop their seeds after a fire,
what natural or un-natural things cause fires and what good or bad things
result from them.  We need this for a science fair project that is due
this Monday (2/27!)  What happens to the animals during a fire?   What
trees have survived fires, how long it takes for forests to grow again and
stuff like that.   It is for a 5th grade level project.  Please, if anyone
has any knowledge, our AOL screen name is listed as NYLM.  Thanks for your
help!   Johnny

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