maintenance respiration, tropical trees

Chris Geiger cgeiger at nature.Berkeley.EDU
Sun Feb 26 02:30:47 EST 1995

I'm currently parameterizing a growth model on the tropical legume
Leucaena leucocephala (var. K8) and its major pest, the leucaena psyllid
Heteropsylla cubana.  In searching the literature on tree maintenance
respiration research, I find very little on tropical species, and this
is a critical consideration in most trees.  It is generally approximated by
using a power function of stem/branch surface area, along with a 
temperature-dependent function ('Q10').  But some recent work suggests
that surface area may be the wrong approach.

Does anyone have any references on leucaena maintenance respiration
rates, or references for similar tropical legume species? I would be
very grateful.  Or, alternately, if there have been any detailed 
anatomy or dendrochronology studies on leucaena that would give a good
estimate of sapwood volume for various stem thicknesses?

Many thanks; please respond to the address above.

Chris Geiger
cgeiger at 

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