Reforestation/reclaimation of farmland

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Mon Jan 2 16:22:39 EST 1995

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>	An alternative is to rent the land, or a portion of it, 
>and take it out of production; the question, then, is what to do with 
>idled land. 
>Thanks in advance, Scott Woody
>			Long Island, NY

This is a situation I wish I was in. So since you asked, I would take it 
totally out of production and manage the land as wildlife habitat.
Let it revert back to it's original state, maybe build a pond or two, 
and allow it to heal on it's own.
I have read about gov. programs in the prarie states that will even pay 
you to do this. Get in touch with your local ag. dept. or maybe the 
state F&G. They could help you get on the right track.
IMHO  Good luck!
Karl Murphy
ISA Cert. Arborist WC-1740

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