Why put soap on trees?

Jorma Jyrkila jorma.jyrkila at kotakk.fi
Wed Jan 4 08:35:59 EST 1995

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>Subject: Why put soap on trees?
>My wife and I just took a walk through a local "conservation" area in
>Southeastern Pennsylvania. We noticed that someone had tied a bar of
>SHIELD (tm) bath soap to a group of young trees and that this has
>resulted in a bleached stain running down the trunk.  (I don't know what
>kind of trees they were, perhaps oak).
>Is this some kind treatment or a fertilizer?  What's going on?
>Please cc replies to mhill at lexis.pop.upenn.edu; I am not a member of
>this group.
>Thanks in advance!
>Mark Hill
>Don´t worry, all will be fine. It´s propably beetles can´t climb up. The surface of tree is slippery.
Forester Jorma Jyrkila
Kotka, Finland

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