Why put soap on trees?

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> Subject: Why put soap on trees?
> My wife and I just took a walk through a local "conservation" area in
> Southeastern Pennsylvania. We noticed that someone had tied a bar of
> SHIELD (tm) bath soap to a group of young trees and that this has
> resulted in a bleached stain running down the trunk.  (I don't know what
> kind of trees they were, perhaps oak).
> Is this some kind treatment or a fertilizer?  What's going on?
> Please cc replies to mhill at lexis.pop.upenn.edu; I am not a member of
> this group.
> Thanks in advance!
> Mark Hill

I have heard that Shield deodorant soap can be used to keep deer and other
animals away from vegetable gardens.  It is possible that someone is
trying to prevent deer from turning the trees into winter snack food.  Not
sure if it works, only what I've heard.

M. Wood

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