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 KM> This is a situation I wish I was in. So since you asked, I would take
 KM> it totally out of production and manage the land as wildlife habitat. 
 KM> Let it revert back to it's original state, maybe build a pond or two, 
 KM> and allow it to heal on it's own. I have read about gov. programs in
 KM> the prarie states that will even pay you to do this. Get in touch
 KM> with your local ag. dept. or maybe the state F&G. They could help you
 KM> get on the right track. IMHO  Good luck! Karl Murphy ISA Cert.
 KM> Arborist WC-1740
Also, get in touch with my Dad, a farmer, conservationist, and farm consultant
for over 100 farms in the North Central Iowa area. Email me for that
 If you can afford the taxes, I would suggest getting the appropriate seed,
and first work the land and sow it to oats for year one, then sow the
wildflower and prairie grass seeds into that. You might want to plant the
fencerows with appropriate windbreak trees and shrubs, preferrably those that
produce nuts and berries. When Nixon was president there was a farm program
such that the fed pitched in 50% of the cost for us to excavate a pond in an
annual wet spot, and we then set aside 10 acres for wildlife around that site.
 I envy you if you can do this.

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