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 NJ> I suspect that the income from non-exploitative food production on
 NJ> Iowa farm land would be much greater than the income from tree growth
 NJ> -- I would be interested to see what you find out.  You might
 NJ> consider paying the difference between "strip" farming and "good"
 NJ> farming and then having the land rented to someone who grow food the
 NJ> way that you think is proper.
 In Iowa, most farming is done with minimum chemical useage, minimum tillage,
and with crop rotation. Further, the flat lands in the north central region
(Altamont glacial surge), don't so much as erode as trade a little of the 2-4
foot deep A horizon topsoil with each other. <g>
They may have a problem with trees if the land has been designated 'wetland'
even if it has been drained and farmed for 120 years.. . .

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