Peace Corps Agroforestry projects

Dominic D Ackerman acke0040 at
Tue Jan 17 18:07:59 EST 1995

I am in a Peace Corps Masters Internationalist student in the Forestry 
Dept. of the University of Minnesota, studying with Dr. Kenneth Brooks.
I will be leaving for an assignment, probably in the Fall. I am studying 
agrforestry as well as other forestry classes. I wish to know of current 
Peace Corps work in the field, and past work. Also, if anyone knows of 
Peace Corps, USAID, etc. training materials in this subject, please let 
me know. 

Any suggestions, stories, comments, would be greatly appreciated.

If you reply to this by posting to the net, please e-mail a copy to me, 
as I can print my e-mail, but they don't have it set up to print postings 

Gracias/Merci/Thank You/Dank u Well

Dominic D. Ackerman
Forestry Dept.
University of Minnesota

acke0040 at


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