A.M.WEATHER off air Feb.3! Please help!

M.S.Korotynski martak at umd5.umd.edu
Thu Jan 19 11:30:39 EST 1995

To all viewers of A.M. WEATHER!

Maryland Public Television decided to pull us off air effective
Feb. 3, 1995. The reason: to make room for an extended edition
of Bloomberg Business News.

Our show has been serving the farming community for the past
16 years (!!), and was offered FREE to all PBS stations.
Now, it's gone. The crew, engineers, and producer were all fired.

It is a wrong decision. It serves no purpose at all, except to satisfy 
a couple of overgrown egos.

If you would like to write about this situation (maybe there is a chance
to change it) please direct your letters to:

	Raymond Ho
	Maryland Public Television
	Owings Mills, MD 21117

	Tel: 1-800-223-3678     FAX: 410-581-4338

Yours truly,

Roman Korotynski
('former' Art Director for A.M. WEATHER)

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