woodlot enhancement, secondary products

Paul Stewart stewart at bud.peinet.pe.ca
Sat Jan 21 12:38:25 EST 1995

I am a biologist presently acting as a consultant/researcher to the 
fishery, agricultrue and forestry sectors of this area.  I am preparing a 
proposal for production of secondary products from woodlots.  I have 
constructed a small lab at home and will be producing mushroom mycelia 
and plantlets from wild tissue.  Some examples are bolete and 
chanterrelle mushrooms, ginseng, and culinary or medicinal herbs.  If 
anyone has ideas of comments, feel free to write or e-mail me directly or 
through this group.  Thanks...Paul Stewart <stewart at bud.peinet.pe.ca>
s-mail: ABIOGEN c/o Paul Stewart, RR#2 Vernon Bridge, Prince Edward 
Island, CANADA   C0A 2E0  

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