Looking for professional forestry contacts (Poland)

Eryk Lipinski rlkowals at cyf-kr.edu.pl
Sun Jan 22 06:24:50 EST 1995

Young forestry engineer, entrepreneur-like individual with a lot of 
ideas and limited capital, is looking for professional contacts worldwide.

Areas of interest: 

1. Forest ergonomics: work safety products (import possible) for loggers
2. Forest protection: know-how, technologies, import opportunities
3. Recultivation of industrial sites, fitomelioration

We can exchange ideas, facts, brainstorm and create a joint business-plan.
I know Polish market for forestry and environmental protection products.

I can research our market to find customer for your product, and help you 
find Poland-related commercial data.

If interested, please send e-mail to:

Eryk J. Lipinski
rlkowals at cyf-kr.edu.pl  

ul. Armii Krajowej 7/24
30-150 Krakow

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