Aerial spray dyes - ULV and LV

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Tue Jan 24 09:52:47 EST 1995

I am currently working on a vacation project that requires a knowledge of 
the amount of insecticide applied aerially to black wattle. I've tried to 
use waxolene red as the insecticide carrier is a light oil but in trials 
using a mist blower I could not pick up the red on the leaves using a 
dissecting microscope. It has been suggested that UVtex dye should be tried 
and we have sent away a sample of the insecticide to see if it can be used 
but I would like to know of any other dyes which could be used and which are 
avaliable in S. Africa. I thought of using a wax dye that would react with 
the cuticle such as Sudan Black b. Any other suggestions?

Thanks for your interest.


ICFR, University of Natal, Pietermaritzburg, Rep. of South Africa
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