Request: need contacts/info tissue culture

Peter Feszczur fezzy at
Wed Jan 25 09:40:29 EST 1995

Good day all you readers in bionet.agroforestry "netland"....

My brother-in-law is attempting to start up a tree nursery here in the South
West of Western Australia. He intends to use the skills he has aquired in the
past 3.5 years at tech college with PLANT TISSUE CULTURE and start cloning
seedling.... Or at least thats the way I have interpreted what he was telling

So I think to myself "why not try the net" for any contacts or info services
etc that may be of help to him...

Can anyone out there help?? is there any uni's etc, that have online info or
articles on cloning/plant tissue I can FTP??

All I require are internet address to access

Thanks in advance


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