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>Can anyone provide information on current timber prices of Hard Maple, 
>Beech, Silver maple, White Ash , Red and White Oak, Black Cherry, and 
>Bass Wood.
>Currently the University of Guelph plans to cut a large number of these 
>from a first growth area and we would like some feed back on the 
>percentages they are cutting. They say that it is woodlot management but 
>plan to remove up to 50% of some types. Is this bad? Reply immediately to 
>ontarion at
>Niall Wallace 
>News Editor


The the most recent numbers that I have are from the 1994 Indiana Forest 
Products Price Report and Trend Analysis.

These are for delivered sawlogs

Species		Range ($/MBF)	Prime	No. 1	No.2	No. 3
Hard Maple			250-800	200-650	150-500	100-250
Beech				150-400	125-300	100-250	80-250
Soft Maple			200-400	125-450	100-350	100-250
White Ash			400-750	300-650	150-500	100-250
Red Oak				350-900	250-800	100-700	100-250
White Oak			400-900	200-700	150-550	100-250
Black Cherry		       400-1000	300-800	160-600	100-250
Basswood			160-600	140-450	75-350	80-225

I hope that thse are helpful.  They will reflect regional
differences and are quite variable.  However, if you are looking
for rough prices they should be helpful.

Jim Lootens
lootensj at


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