Looking for professional forestry contacts (Poland)

Eric Stuewe stuewe at CSOS.ORST.EDU
Thu Jan 26 16:51:31 EST 1995

Hi Eryk Lipinski: My name is Eric Stuewe and we have a company here in 
the USA called Stuewe and Sons, Inc. We manufacture and sell several 
different types of forest tree seedling growing containers (made of 
plastic and styrofoam). These are used to grow forest tree seedlings from 
seed or cuttings for reforestation efforts.

Do you know of any forest seedlings nurseries in Poland which would be 
interested in this type of nursery technology? 

thank you for your reply. If you are interested I can send you our newest 
catalog. Please send me your address.

Eric Stuewe
email: stuewe at peak.org

Stuewe and Sons, Inc.
2290 S.E. Kiger Island Dr.
Corvallis, Oregon  97333   USA

 On Sun, 22 Jan 1995, Eryk 
Lipinski wrote:

> Young forestry engineer, entrepreneur-like individual with a lot of 
> ideas and limited capital, is looking for professional contacts worldwide.
> Areas of interest: 
> 1. Forest ergonomics: work safety products (import possible) for loggers
> 2. Forest protection: know-how, technologies, import opportunities
> 3. Recultivation of industrial sites, fitomelioration
> We can exchange ideas, facts, brainstorm and create a joint business-plan.
> I know Polish market for forestry and environmental protection products.
> I can research our market to find customer for your product, and help you 
> find Poland-related commercial data.
> If interested, please send e-mail to:
> Eryk J. Lipinski
> rlkowals at cyf-kr.edu.pl  
> ul. Armii Krajowej 7/24
> 30-150 Krakow

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