world's tallest trees

tall trees man mtaylor at
Sat Jan 28 20:58:11 EST 1995

Over the past 4 years, me and a friend have been measuring tall redwoods, 
douglas firs and sitka spruces in the Mendocino, Humboldt and Del Norte county 
regions. From our work, we have assembled the most accurate and comprehensive 
tall trees list ever made. New on our list are five previosly unknown redwoods 
that are over 360 feet tall. All trees on the list have been accurately 
measured and in many cases independently verified. For those interested in 
obtaining our "tall trees", "big trees", and "oldest trees" lists please 
e-mail me or write to:

Michael Taylor
PO BOX 182
CA  95524

If I see interest in this subject from other people in this newsgroup, I'll 
take the time to post the entire tall trees list within the newsgroup.

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