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Mon Jan 30 14:24:43 EST 1995

In article <199501292207.JAA06449 at> lce652 at ANU.EDU.AU writes:
>>i am interested in starting up a new newsgroup for those of us foresters
>>not nec. interested in agro...
>>anyone else out there?
>> ...
>There is a news group devoted to "plain old forestry" in existence, so why
>not join them? Below is reproduced some info about the group:
>GUIDE of FOREST mailing list

> ...

Mailing lists are a poor excuse for USENET/BIOSCI
electronic conferences.

If you are interested in pursuing this, a good place
to start is the BIOSCI gopher at
URL <gopher://>.

Under "FAQs and Other Documents" read "BIOSCI
Frequently Asked Questions."  One of the answered
questions is "How does one start a new BIOSCI
newsgroup/mailing list?

I would most certainly prefer to read the 
FOREST mailing list as a BIOSCI newsgroup.


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