Forest Tech.looking for FT work

crbisson at crbisson at
Mon Jan 30 17:37:31 EST 1995

My name is Colin Bisson (E-MAIL # crbisson at and will 
be graduating in April 1995, from Lakehead University.  I'm a Forest 
Technician that is willing to travel to find work.  I would prefer a small 
town in Northern B.C. but in 1995- work is work.  I have lot's of experience 
in Forestry (ie: silviculture) and have many supervisory skills.

I am an aggressive and hard working individual, which recognizes the need for 
professionalism and consistency when working for any organization.  So,  
E-MAIL me and let me know about any possible job that is in your area or 
within your company.

Thank you for reading my memo.

Colin R. Bisson

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