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>Where in the US has a good program in Agroforestry? I'm currently in Alaska.
Try contacting Dr. H. E. "Gene" Garrett at the University of 
Missouri-Columbia.  UMC has a highly-rated forestry program and Dr. Garrett 
is a leader in the field of agroforestry.  The state of Missouri was 
recently awarded a federal grant to study and promote agroforestry.  I can 
tell you from experience Dr. Garrett is a tough, demanding taskmaster in 
the classroom; his classes, undergraduate or graduate are not for the 
weak-at-heart.  However, he can guarantee you a learning experience well 
worth the relocation from Alaska.  Unfortunately, I don't have his phone 
number handy.  He can be contacted by mail at:  1-30 Agriculture Bldg. 
Columbia, MO  65211.  If you have to have a phone number, I'll get one for 

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