Regeneration of harvested areas

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Wed Jul 5 22:46:24 EST 1995

 > Can anbody tell me what is the maximum number of generations 
 > that can be grown on land that is harvested using clearcut techniques.

There can be an infinet number of harvests using the clearcut technique. The
trees grow, are protected, harvested, regenerated (planted, seed, or sprout)
and on and on ....

 > How many with the most ecological friendly method? How much more timber 
 > do you get when you clear cut vs eco-friendly cut.

Ecological friendly is a nebulous term. Many times a clearcut will offer the
great diversity of species - plant and animal. It is emulating nature in many
ways. Many wildlife species require a diversity of habitats. Openings in the
forest offer that.

 > If my questions are to general with regards to type of tree 
 > please consider my intrest to be in pine trees

Same answers apply. Only the harvest cycles are usually closer together - about
30 years compared to 70-100 years for hardwoods.

Hope this helps.

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