perennials over annuals

Matt Kovacs M.Kovacs at
Wed Jul 19 19:01:49 EST 1995

I'm after any info on a number of fronts.

I am compiling data on:

1. What foods are ecologically and culturally best for earth,s 

2. What tree crops are ecologically and culturally best for 
   earth's ecosystems.

3. What tree crops can substitute annual crops, especially where there
   is evidence of environmental and land degradation caused by annual 
   cropping systems.

4. Assessment of major nutritional components 
   a) necessary in the human diet
   b) of annual crops, 
   c) and tree crops,
   with a view to replacing annual crops and cropping systems with 
   perennial crops and cropping systems.

5. Prioritise indigenous perennial tree crop breeding programs
   -species selection

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