Ideas on Replanting Property

JMH2001 jmh2001 at
Sun Jul 23 10:42:51 EST 1995

   I am the owner of a small tract of land (38 acres).  One month ago the
80% of the land was forested.  I am interested in planting unique species,
re-establishing species, and developing some of the property for home site
and fields.  I have been working with a forester on reforestation of the
property.  Typical burning, KG blade (clearing), row buildup, and planting
will cost me about $3500 if I plant the whole cut area. 
    I just drove from NC to FLA and then to ALA.  I don't like the look of
rows of pine.  I have decided that I don't want to replant the total area
in Loblolly Pine.  My property is high, wet, with some dry areas. 
Stumpage in cut areas is hardwood/pine mix.  Location is Onslow County in
Eastern NC.  Soil predominately Rains. Location on highway in town with
easy access.  Goals: diversification, economic return, recreation,
education, and environmental improvement.  
    My forester is providing excellent guidance.  However, I am interested
in exploring ALL ideas that your community may have. If you are an avid
environmentalist I welcome your suggestions.

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