Logs, tags & adhesives - request for info

Nick Wykes, Forestry Corporation of NZ Ltd, Rotorua NZ wykes at decus.org.nz
Mon Jul 24 04:56:33 EST 1995

Adhesives & tags - a request for info

The New Zealand Forestry Corporation requires log tags and an adhesive product
suitable for applying tags to sawlogs. The tags will be used for data capture
purposes. We are hoping other companies or research organisations have 
considered this problem previously and can help us.

The application of the tags will take place at the site of felling the log and
will be required to remain until receipt by the customer. It is therefore
envisaged to remain on the log for up to 6 months. At this stage the moisture
content of the log is very high.

The tag and adhesive should preferably be biogradable to enable processing at
sawmills. Alternatively, the label and adhesive/application device is required
to be removed with ease while at the same time being sturdy enough to remain
if required. The label must be able to sit flat on the butt end of the log.
It is a requirement that no plastic be included in the product.

We very interested in hearing from anyone who might have any useful information
or suitable products. Thanks.

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	Creightont at fcnz.co.nz
	Forestry Corporation of NZ Ltd
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