workshop on wildfire Models

paul santoni, by way of forsis at Chris Crocker santoni at LOTUS.UNIV-CORSE.FR
Tue Jul 25 15:57:02 EST 1995

	The Corsican University organises a workshop on wildfire models the 10 
October 1995. We wish meet people working on these different subjects :
	- mathematical model for fire spread
	- combustion model in wildfire
	- simulation (numerical or logical) of wildfire spread
This workshop is open to all people working on fire (searchers, 

	To get further information please contact me. 
Name:		Paul SANTONI   
Address :	Universite de Corse
		Quartier Grossetti
		U.R.A. C.N.R.S 2053
		20250 Corte

Internet: santoni at 
Phone:		++33-

Fax:		++33-

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